Manifesto: keep the internet open!

Supported by 91 political youth organizations in 31 European countries. Scroll down for a list of all supporters.

For the first time in history, the youth of Europe is united from conservative to progressive, from left to right, from North to South and from East to West to stand up together for an issue that we deeply care about.

We stand up for the open internet. An internet without censorship. An internet where all data is treated equally. An internet without network discrimination. An internet without anti-competitive agreements.

As youth of Europe, we therefore call upon the Council of the European Union to preserve network neutrality in the Telecoms Single Market Regulation proposal as drafted by the European Parliament. We strongly urge the Council to define net neutrality clearly – and without any loopholes – in order to safeguard equality, facilitate fair competition and foster innovation.

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Signatories – 91 political youth organizations from 31 European countries:

at Douglas Hoyos, President, JUNOS (Austria)
at Juliana Okropiridse, President, Junge Pirat*innen (Austria)
at Diana Witzani & Kay-Michael Dankl, Co-spokepersons, Junge Grüne (Austria)
at Julia Herr, President, Sozialistische Jugend (Austria)
at Katharina Kucharowits, President, Jungen Generation in der SPÖ (Austria)
be Hannelore Goffin – President, JONG CD&V (Belgium)
be Mathieu Morelle – President, Jeunes cdH (Belgium)
be Aaron Ooms – President, Jongsocialisten (Belgium)
be Céline Van Den Abeele – President, Jong Groen (Belgium)
be Clément Bourdon – President, Fédération des Etudiants Libéraux (Belgium)
be Amy Beaulisch – Secretary General, Jonge Piraten (Belgium)
be Mathieu Bihet – President, Les Jeunes MR (Belgium)
be Bert Schelfhout – President, Jong VLD (Belgium)
be Maxime Van Laere – International Officer, COMAC (Belgium)
be Nicolas Balthazar – International Officer, Écolo j (Belgium)
bg Ilhan Kyuchyuk – President, Youth Movement for Rights and Freedom (Bulgaria)
hr Nenad Livun – President, Croatian Social Democratic Youth (Croatia)
hr Ivan Gulam – President, Mladi HNS (Croatia)
hr Vili Rosanda – President, Istrian Democratic Youth (Croatia)
hr Tony Garac – President, Young Croatian liberals (Croatia)
hr Domagoj Mikulić – International Officer, MHDZ (Croatia)
cy Maria Kola – Secretary General, Young Cyprus Greens (Cyprus)
cz Tomáš Křemen – Spokesperson, Young Greens (Czech Republic)
dk Christoffer Røhl Andersen – President, Radikal Ungdom (Denmark)
dk Mikkel Ballegaard Pedersen – President, Konservativ Ungdom (Denmark)
dk Carl Valentin – President, SF Ungdom (Denmark)
ee Karl Kirt – President, Social Democratic Youth (Estonia)
fi Ida Schauman – President, Svensk Ungdom (Finland)
fi Teppo Säkkinen – President, Center Youth (Finland)
fi Ahto Apajalahti – President, Pirate Youth (Finland)
fr Laura Slimani – President, Jeunes Socialistes (France)
fr Pierre-Henri Dumont – International Secretary, Jeunes UMP (France)
fr Rosalie Salaün – Spokesperson, Jeunes Écologistes (France)
fr Géraldine Guilpan – President, Jeunes Radicaux de Gauche (France)
fr Antoine Carette – President, Jeunes Démocrates (France)
fr Aurélien Sebton – President, UDI Jeunes (France)
fr Paul Berettoni – President, Jeunes Pirates (France)
de Konstantin Kuhle – President, JuLis (Germany)
de Josephin Tischner – President, Die Falken (Germany)
de Leo Bellersen – Secretary General, Junge Piraten (Germany)
de Johanna Uekermann – President, Jusos in der SPD (Germany)
de Sascha Lucas – President, Liberale Hochschulgruppen (Germany)
de Erik Marquardt & Theresa Kalmer – Spokespersons, Young Greens (Germany)
ge Gvantsa Deisadze – President, Georgian Young Greens (Georgia)
ge Khatia JIntcharadze – President, Young Republicans (Georgia)
gr Katherina Anastasiadi – International Officer, Neoi Prasinoi (Greece)
hu Péter Ágh – President, Fidelitas (Hungary)
is Arnaldur Sigurðarson – President, Ungir Píratar (Iceland)
ie Eoin Neylon – President, Ogra Fianna Fial (Ireland)
ie Jack Eustace – President, Labour Youth (Ireland)
it Laura Venneri – President, Youth Alliance for Italy (Italy)
it Roberto Sajeva – President, Federazione dei Giovani Socialisti (Italy)
lt Ramūnas Burokas – President, LSDYU (Lithuania)
lu Marc Ruppert – President, Jonk Demokraten (Luxembourg)
mt Marc’ Andrea Cassar – President, ADZ Green Youth (Malta)
mt Saliba Alex – President, Labour Youth Forum (Malta)
nl Dirkjan Tijs – President, Jonge Democraten (Netherlands)
nl Stefan Bekedam – President, DWARS (Netherlands)
nl Bart van Bruggen – President, Jonge Socialisten (Netherlands)
nl Julius Terpstra – President, CDJA (Netherlands)
nl Tom Leijte – President, JOVD (Netherlands)
nl Erik-Jan Hakvoort – President, PerspectieF (Netherlands)
nl Merel Stoop – President, ROOD, Jong in de SP (Netherlands)
no Emil Andrè Erstad – President, Kristelig Folkepartis Ungdom (Norway)
no Kristian Tonning Riise – President, Unge Høyre (Norway)
no Tord Hustveit – President, Norges Unge Venste (Norway)
no Nicholas Wilkinson – President, Socialist Youth Party (Norway)
no Lage Nøst & Anna Kvam, co-spokespersons, Young Greens (Norway)
pl Wiktor Jędrzejewski – President, Projekt: Polska (Poland)
pt Fábian Gomes Simões – President, Portugese Liberal Youth (Portugal)
rs Dražen Upčev – President, Social Democratic Youth (Serbia)
sk Tomas Smutny – President, Nová Generácia (Slovakia)
es Beatriz Jurado – President, Nuevas Generaciones (Spain)
es Nino Torre – Secretary General, Juventudes Socialistas (Spain)
cat Oriol Gil – President, Unió de Joves (Catalunya/Spain)
cat Anna Rovira i Pau Planelles – Co-President, Joves d’Esquerra Verda (Catalunya/Spain)
cat Sergi Miquel Valentí – President, Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya (Catalunya/Spain)
se Anna Tranberg – International Officer, Grön Ungdom (Sweden)
se Linda Nordlund – President, Liberal Youth (Sweden)
ch Fabian Molina – President, JUSO (Switzerland)
ua Anna Rogovchenko – President, European Youth (Ukraine)
gb Siobhan MacMahon & Clifford Fleming – Presidents, Young Greens of England and Wales (United Kingdom)
gb Alex Harding – President, Liberal Youth (United Kingdom)
gb Jamie Doyle – President, Alliance Youth of Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
gb Georgia Grainger – President, Green Youth of Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)
eu Konstantinos Kyranakis – President, Youth of the EPP (EU)
eu Vedrana Gujic – President, LYMEC – Liberal Youth (EU)
eu Thomas Maes – President, Young European Socialists (EU)
eu Julia Reda – President, Young Pirates of Europe (EU)
eu Krassina Demireva & Michael Bloss – Co-spokespersons, Federation of Young European Greens (EU)
eu Miroslava Calegari – President, Young Democrats for Europe (EU)

This manifesto is initiated by the Jonge Democraten (NL) in cooperation with CDJA (NL), Dwars (NL) and Jonge Socialisten (NL).